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It's not often you see vehicals next to Blea Moor Signal Box on the Settle to Carlisle railway, this was when there had been a road layed so that the Aquaduct could be rebuilt. Sometimes the undergrowth is left a little too long, and takes the form of the passing trains A coal train derailed at Dent viaduct on the Settle to Carlisle railway The area is so remote they had to bury the scrap wagons A fully laden steel train was wrongly routed into a tamping machine that was stabled in Tees Yard, the tamper was pushed across the tributary of the river Tees and its Diesel tanks burst - what a mess/panic The rail gradient profile from Middlesbrough to Battersby The rail gradient profile of the Settle to Carlisle railway, Left hand of three photos The rail gradient profile of the Settle to Carlisle railway, Middle of three photos The rail gradient profile of the Settle to Carlisle railway, Right hand of three photos Yes, it's a miniature Sir Nigel Gresley loco The rail layout diagram from Nunthorpe to Whitby, Right hand side The rail layout diagram from Nunthorpe to Whitby, Left hand side A couple of special loco's on the North Yorks Moors Railway A Schematic drawing of a modern Rail Point Clamp Lock Not a common sight on the Settle to Carlisle railway, there were major diversions to get this HST over Ribblehead Viaduct Very difficult to see, but there is a flower mamorial on the Ribblehead Viaduct so someone who lost their life, it's renewed every year The underneith of the mechanical Signalbox on the South Tynedale Railway at Alston The insides of a Midland Region Block instrament The same again from the other side The signalbox diagram and block shelf in Blea Moor Signalbox The diagram in Howe and Co The diagram in Lowhouse Not often you get to see this number of signal leavers out of the frame, Glaisdale just after the signalling had been removed Garsdale diagram Hordon Signalbox lever frame was removed and taken for use on the North Yorks Moors Railway just before it was closed and demolished Part way through the removal More being removed Kirkby Thore, where the British Gypsam plant takes the waste from Drax coal power station had a new signalbox built, this is the NX panel - 135kb The inside of Lowhouse Signalbox The gate wheel in Winfleet Signalbox on the line to Skegness Railway signalling is run by track circuits, there have to be insulated joints for this to work, the first ones were all wood, then they were cast iron like this one near Blea Moor, now they're metal and cast resin so there aren't many like this left In the tree is a Bus Stop sign, - you'll have to beleive me, - is this the sheep interchange near Kirkby Stephen Not often you get the chance to see a Deltic on the S&C, this is where my 30 year old camera died on me! The Orient Express was due to run over the Settle to Carlise railway, but just north of Culgaith the river washed the railway away, they had to turn round at Kirkby Stephen Just to prove there was a class 56 hauling the VSOE and RES painted 47753 on the Northern end All sorts of wildlife uses the railway, this poor wren had been trying to nest in the signal post of Culgaiths Down Distant, it had got stuck and died The most interesting nesting places can be found on the railway Graghall, - Skinningrove, - inner home A Bluetit has reared some young 56006 arriving at Boulby with a load 56006 running onto the load to come out 56006 waiting for another 56 to clear the single line

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