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Just a few pictures and bits of info about us

You will see that you can click some of the images to enlarge, if you really want to see what we look like ;-)

As you might guess, it's wine in that there mug :-)

As you might guess, it's neither Tea or Coffee in that there mug Lizzy :-)

Pissed off liz

Yes, this is Liz again ! This is the "I am not happy after spending a night in a tent, and NO, I don't have any makup on" look ! Now you might see why Nick is so happy !

Nick holding Thomas the cat.
Nick holding Thomas

Nick at his 40th Birthday party :-o
Nick, a happy suprise on his 40th :-)

Now for some other family photos

In the little Hampshire church in East Meon is this brass heart shaped memorial,
Nick's Mother's family are Archdale
Dedication plaque
Another distant relative, Nicholas Archdale Cope
Nicholas Archdale Cope

A couple of photos of Nick's Mother's Father, William Porter Palgrave Archdale.
Nick's Grandfather And again

Liz's Father's Father was a goal keeper in his spare time, the team did well by getting to the Finals
Dressing room pass Football Final program

Liz's Mother's Mother, Cybil Winifred Granger, and her brothers

Liz's Father's family had a Grocers shop in Northallerton
The Harrison family shop William John Preston Harrison outside his shop

Nick's Father Anthony Robert and his younger brother Ernest Hamilton

Three miniatures of people from Nick's Whelan side, the Manley's

Miniature 1 Miniature 2 Miniature 3

A picture of the current Whelan family line, taken at a Whelan cousin's wedding
from left to right, Ant & Sal Eaton, Nick's sister, Nick and Liz Whelan
Ant, Sal, Nick & Liz

Now for the Ah factor !

Nick aged 8 months,
being held by his Father
Nick aged 8 months

Nick aged 18 months

Nick and his sister
Nick holding Sal as a baby

Nick's Mother, Kathleen Archdale,
holding her young daughter
Sal being held by her mum

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