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After asking on the uk.rec.natural-history news group I have named these spieces:-

Any help with proper identification and even Latin names gratefully received via the email link on the Home page...

A Wall Brown butterfly A Common Blue butterfly Another Common Blue A Skipper butterfly - small A Clouded Yellow butterfly A Painted lady butterfly - 100kb A Commar butterfly Another Commar butterfly A Meadow Brown butterfly A Common Darter Dragonfly - Female A Common Darter Dragonfly - Male This Southern Hawker Dragonfly appeared in my sisters garden in October 2001. It sat there whilst I photographed it for about 20 minutes Azure Damselfly mating A female Blue Tailed Damselfly A Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly A very strange spindly moth - called a Plume moth A Marbled White butterfly A Peacock butterfly This moth was one of 4 my sister found hibernating underneath a plastic garden table top, being stored in her garage. The same moth Someone will tell me what Dragonfly this is.. A Norfolk Darter I think Another Norlfolk Darter I think Someone will tell me what moth this is

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