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This little one was enjoying its self Liz's brother was adopted by Arthur We adopted Chester between Christmas and New Year 2000 Which one's the real cat? Chester cat waiting to be let in - click to see a sequence! Blenk, - named after one of the local track workers, - was adopted by the signalmen at How and Co Signal Box near Carlisle on the Settle to Carlisle railway, he got Feline Luekemia at the beginning of October 2001 and had to be put out of his misery This pussycat lives not far away, and is very happy in its window Maudy Puss lived for something like 20 years at the railway station in town Cat's know how to stay dry The first cat we were adopted by, - Sid, - liked Cucumber! Honestly he did ! Sid liked to sleep Well, don't all cats Sid knew how to sleep ! Our next cat, - Thomas, - was always hungry, he thought the Christmas 1995 turkey was for him He was always this size Thomas knew how to sleep too Told you there was a cat! Thomas was a happy cat Thomas knew how to relax too Thomas wan't too happy being picked up Thomas always thought of his stomach, and he DID like Spaghetti Thomas always liked to be in on the action In the window of a disused shop in Corbridge was this cat, well looked after too In February 2002 we stayed at the Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland, this would appear to be the resident cat
It was too timid and this was as close as Liz got to it I really couldn't make up its mind if it wanted to make friends or was annoyed It was a very talkative cat, and really desparately wanted to make friends In March 2002, Tikka the furry black cat and her mum moved in next door How many cats do you think are there? This old cat was the resident of Bale in North Lincolnshire, 
he knew where we were staying as we were not locals !

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