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Links of local interest

I have lived in this part of the world for most of my life, and am beginning to get a great interest in local history. My sister found a very old page of a newspaper, which is a very interesting tale about some of the local area and some of the characters as well as having a good moral to the tale. Enough of the introduction, why not have a read of  "The Wraith of Little Smeaton"

MS Windows & other computing links

Virus fix links

There are times when people send out an email telling you to delete a file on your computer because the virus scan software companies don't know about this virus, this is an hoax and should be ignored !
Just think about it, would your virus definition files not have been updated?
The best thing to do if you are worried about it is, put the name of the file you are being told to delete into a search engine, - the best at the moment is Google and see what links are returned........

The best place to search for information on virus'

Here are a few of the more major fixes you'll need........

Links that might be of interest

Search engines

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