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This was Thomas. He was with us from 1993 to 2000 and according to the paperwork was born in 1982. Thomas, the big fat happy cat Nick holding Thomas

We always find a cat when we're out on a walk :-) We found this one sheltering from the rain, at Raby Castle walled garden

I have come across one or two cats whilst I work about the railway system in the North of England, I will include some of them here: -

This one was quite a regular visitor to the most Northerly signal box on the Settle to Carlisle railway.
I even saw it sit on the end of a sleeper, whilst a 1000 ton coal train has passed over its head, and it didn't turn a whisker !
sadly in November 2001 it became ill with feline Leukaemia, and was relieved of its misery
Howe & Co Sidings Cat

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