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Archdale photos - Nick's Mum was and Archdale

This plaque is in East Meon church in Hampshire, Nicks mother was an Archdale One of Nicks distant relatives, Nicholas Archdale Cope Nicks Maternal Grandfather, William Porter Palgrave Archdale WPPA's profile, showing the Archdale nose
Harrison photos
Sybil Winifred Granger Liz's Grandmother, Sybil Winifred Granger, known as Birdy Liz's Grandfathers sister, Jessie Boston with her daughter Kitty and son Ken Liz's Grandfather William Harrison was goal keeper for Eston United when the team played in the 1909 FA Amateur Challange cup, this is his ticket And this is the front of the program, showing the teams A family group of Harrisons, names will be added when we find out who they are Same people in a smaller group The family group of Harrisons, 28th July 1915 Liz's Grandmother Frances Boston Liz's Grandmother Frances Boston and Grandfather William Harrison Jessie and Frances Boston The Grainger children, names to be added when we know them Isabel Grainger in January 1917 Michael Edison Grainger aged 7 months Harry Harrison, Liz's Great Uncle Harry Harrison Harry Harrison Liz's father Jack Harrison and his cousin Joan Lumley Liz's father and mother's wedding, 15th August 1941. The brides maid is Pat's cousin Josie Rolling and the Best Man is Len Bean The wedding of Liz's mother and father John Boston Harrison and Patricia Calladine Jack and his very great friend Fred Bell at Butlins camp Clacton in 1939 Liz's father was a very good pianist, here he is at the piano in Baghdad in 1944. He was also known as Sandy Harrison because of his sandy hair Jack was the pianist in a jazz band during WWII called Sigstet Another photo of Jack playing the piano in Sigstet A close friend of Liz's Great Aunt Conny, Jenny Preston Liz's second cousin Margaret Harrison, December 1936 Margaret Harrison became Jeavons Liz's  mother Pat in 1944 Pat Harrison and her father Frank Calladine Liz's brother Peter as a baby being held by his mother Pat Liz's  Great Aunt Muriel Grainger married George Rolling, seen with their daugher Josie Liz's dad was the last one of 3 generations to run the shop William John PrestonHarrison outside his shop Jack and Pat Harrison outside the shop on Malpas Road, Northallerton Jack keeping the front of the shop tidy in about 1990 Liz's Grandparants, William John Preston Harrison married Frances Boston Liz's Great Uncle William Harrison Liz's Grandfather William John Preston Harrison Liz's father Jack as a youngster Liz's Aunt Joan Hodgson Joan and her sister Veronica The children standing from left to right are Josie Rolling, a cousin and Liz's Mother Pat.  The lady seated is their Aunty Babe A young Margaret Harrison Liz's mother Pat Calladine as a youngster Pat Calladine in her 20's we think Pat and her cat Buddy Pat and Buddy again Liz's brother and his Grandparents in March 1955 Peter and his father at a model show in Sept 1954 Peter has always been interested in bicycles Jack Harrison as a young man Nick and Liz's fathers, John Boston Harrison 
and Anthony Robert Whelan

Whelan photos
A miniature painting of a Manley, - somewhere on Nick's family Another Manley miniature And another Manley miniature Nicks Grandfather was the clergyman at Lislimnahan.
This is the rectory Another view of Lislimnahan Rectory Nick's father Anthony Robert Whelan and his younger brother Ernest Hamilton Whelan Nicks father and Grandmother Ethel Georgina Whelan (Neé Drought) Nicks father and twin sister Aureol Helen and their mother Whelan Family group Another Whelan family group Nick aged 8 months held by his dad Nick aged 18 months Nick aged 2½ Nick aged 10 Nick about the help on The Farm Nick holding his new sister Nicks sister Sal in the family car wearing her Dad's work gear
just shows the sort of child she was, full of mischief Nick and Sal in May 1964 This photo of Nick, Liz, Nick's sister Sal and her husband Ant was taken at a family wedding Nick's father holding his 8 month old son Nick holding his new sister Nick and his mother Kathleen Nee Archdale, inspecting his new sister Nicks Dad with Moses the cat Sal with Skippy the cat

There will be more...

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